As the design partner of the startup, Qubstudio design team helped MyLoqta to define and ideate MVP. We created branding and user interface design of the mobile application for further development.

buy and sell.

MyLoqta is a new smart platform, designed to help individuals and small business sell pre-owned and new items online. It aims to simplify buying, selling and delivering experience.

Explore items

Browse and discover perfect matches for your wardrobe and lifestyle, offered by MyLoqta sellers

Enjoy personalized shopping experience

The feed of personalized shopping recomendations, based on your search history, follows and previous orders, is designed to turn MyLoqta app into a destination for browsing, as well as shopping

order tracking

MyLoqta app allows you easily track your order location, until it is delivered exactly to your door

Order statuses

Sell online smarter

Use platform insights to grow your online business and discover new opportunities

Seamless experience for buyers and sellers

We made sure that users can reach everything they need in just a few clicks, so that they can focus on what they love — online shopping



2 months


Project Manager
Art Director
Graphic Designer
2 Interaction Designers



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