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Website Design and Branding for
Oracle’s GraalVM

Oracle GraalVM is a virtual machine supporting multiple programming languages. GraalVM removes the gap between software development instruments and enables interoperability in a shared runtime.

Qubstudio was chosen among other design and branding agencies due to Oracle’s successful partnership experience with Ukrainian companies and, reportedly, our reputation. Our role was to create a minimalistic website design and elevate the GraalVM brand carriers.

Website to Promote
Enterprise VM

Together with Oracle Labs, we’ve chosen a minimalistic, clean design that will eliminate distractions and make the complex solution feel professional and simple.

Oracle - graalvm-img1 - Qubstudio Oracle - graalvm-img2 - Qubstudio Oracle - graalvm-img3 - Qubstudio
Oracle - graalvm-img4 - Qubstudio

It’s been a huge honor and responsibility to work with professional and well-coordinated Oracle Labs team. We had all we needed to ensure maximum productivity: defined scope, timelines, and clear communication. We’re proud of supporting the marketing of such a highly technological, global product.

Nadia Lushchak - CEO, Qubstudio

Nadia Lushchak

CEO (former Project Manager at Qubstudio)

Polyglot Nature Reflected in Brand Carriers

After a successful launch, GraalVM is growing its popularity. That’s they needed branding materials to use among the programming community and on conferences worldwide. That’s why we created unique, meaningful marketing materials.

Oracle - graalvm-hat - Qubstudio
Oracle - graalvm-rollup - Qubstudio
Oracle - graalvm-cup - Qubstudio
Oracle - graalvm-pillows - Qubstudio

Project summary

Wireframing and Prototyping
Web design
Art Director
Graphic Designer
UI Designer
Project Manager
1 month