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Design & development for a fashion marketplace

Ormary is an online platform that bridges together an e-commerce and marketplace models. Based in London, one of the global fashion capitals, it sources designers from around the world and brings them to a single online destination. The core of the service is a proprietary recommendation engine, which filters the vast database for an outfit suitable for a particular most sophisticated taste.

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Wireframes & Prototypes

We were faced with a task to build not just an online shopping store but create an eco-system with millions of customers from around the world alongside the world’s best independent and emerging fashion designers.

Creating UX for a multi-sided platform is always a challenge, since you work with several distinct groups of users whose preferences and objectives are very different. Another important dimension was optimization. Ormary is developed as a lean startup, so we had to consider the resources for each task carefully and remain 100% flexible to any changes.

The most difficult part was a heuristic engine – a “killer feature” of Ormary, which produces recommendations for a user, based on the designers she followed, goods she bought and those added to her wardrobe (Ormary’s version of “like”). Over 200 different attributes were on play here, such as shape of sleeves, style of the collar, type of the print, length of the skirt, etc.

We built all the website layouts as responsive – so Ormary could get all the mobile users without any extra investment.

Visual Design


And about 30+ responsive pages


Front – end