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UX/UI Design Service for Gaming Collaboration Platform and Marketplace

The future of player-developer collaboration

Playerstate connects gamers with game developers for collaboration. Gamers can contribute to their favorite game creators and get game purchases in return.

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Playerstate came to Qubstudio to improve their existing platform, suggest and introduce new features. We’ve initiated an iterative, real-time collaboration to prepare them for the big launch.

website for players design
players state design

Working with Playerstate felt very ‘side-by-side’ because we collaborate in real-time, and I was getting instant feedback. This guided me in the right direction from the start.
Apart from that, I’m a huge game fan and have a background in game design, so you can imagine how excited I was about starting this project.

Maxim Synyava - Qubstudio

Maxim Synyava

Interaction Designer at Qubstudio

website for players design process
Playerstate - screens-2 - Qubstudio

Playerstate - profile_icon - QubstudioProfile page

Anyone can make a valuable contribution to a game they like and get real-world money for it.
You can list your skills, experience and interests to be selected for contribution requests from game developers.

players account page design player page design

Playerstate - gamepad_icon - QubstudioGame Page

Anyone with a profile can create a game page and become a game developer. Describe your project, get users excited and list tasks you need help with.

When your fans can help you, money becomes a way to say ‘Thank you’.

game page design Player State web page design
game cards design

Playerstate - store_icon - QubstudioStore section Items that you can buy

Playerstate pays users with experience points for activity on the website. Later on, users redeem the points for purchases on the Playerstate’s marketplace.
Not only it’s a simple way to receive the rewards, but it also drives engagement on the platform.

Playerstate - img6 - Qubstudio
Playerstate - game-cards2 - Qubstudio

Qubstudio have been a fantastic partner for us. We looked at working with a London based UI/ UX designer but struggled to find anyone who really grasped the project and was able to work with us for a reasonable price.

After only a short learning period, the Qubstudio team had matched us with a designer who had hands-on experience in the video games industry and a great PM, this has resulted in a fantastic refresh of our platforms UI and UX. And better yet, the work did not break the bank!

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Dean Anderson


Project summary

Information Architecture
Wife-framing and Prototyping
User Interface Design
Responsive Design
Project Manager
UX Designer
UI Designer
2 months
London, UK