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D.S. Pharmacy

Mobile App UX/UI Design

The Challenge

DS App is a healthcare application that enables users to find the nearest drugstore, compare the prices, and reserve their medicines online. Since the target audience of the application is pretty wide, it has been necessary to optimize the user flow and make it easy to navigate.
One of the biggest priorities was to adapt the ample functionality for all types of users, make the application obtainable to satisfy clients and their needs.

The Solution

We have conducted a complex analysis of current users, previous user flow and polished it in accordance with target audience expectation. It gave us an ability to merge innovative design ideas and well-known approach that clients are comfortable to interact with.
New design is more informative and well-structured. We prioritized the feature set in order to supply users with all the privileges of online healthcare service and make it more convenient for them to interact.


During the investigation, we found out that the target audience is quite diversified and a significant part of it is presented by people who are under 35 years old. Another fact, which is probably even more important — a lot of users operate with older versions of iOS and Android devices.
Creation of user personas gave us an opportunity not only to foresee which dimensions we need to support with DS app but also how to adjust the user flow and make it more efficient.


Our team improved the logic of DS application by adding a new flow segment — order processing list, which stores your unexecuted orders and also previous search results. This feature provides an option to finish your order later and save users time by recognizing repetitive orders.
We have also implemented an option to book the medicine in a few drugstores at the same time— so now you don’t need to change your plans to pick up your order at the particular place.



In terms of UI design, we decided to go with modern and clean visuals, typical for healthcare industry products. And our mission was not to overload the application with dozens of different visual elements but to unify the way to hand the information to the users.

Final UI

The final version of the user interface is designed to provide different types of users with high-quality service and innovative design. The step-by-step design process helped us to enhance the logic and visual appearance of the application and enable a possibility for further product growth and development.

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Medicine List and Availability

As DS has a wide drugstore network, we introduced possibility to look for required items according to your list, so that you can pick up all the necessary items with as much as one stop nearby. Map view allows you to browse nearby locations with convenient availability and total cost snippet.

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Cross-platform App Design

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2 months


Project Manager
Business Analyst
UX Designer
UI Designer





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