Sheptytsky Center

Indoor Navigation

About the Client

Much-anticipated Andrey Sheptytsky Center is an innovative modern educational center, which provides advanced opportunities for study, collective work and research projects. It’s open for students and teachers of Ukrainian Catholic University, as well as everyone eager to learn and grow.

The new information-resource Center simultaneously combines various functions: it is a world-class humanities library, as well as a modern educational center. The ground floor of the library is devoted to public creativity. The main features of the new library are flexibility and openness, as they play a great role in its design and structure.

About the Project

Distinct modern architecture of Sheptytsky Center was created by Stefan Behnisch. The main idea of his work was to combine modern architecture and traditional ukrainian visuals, such as classic ukrainian embroidery.

Our team was asked to create integral visual design for all navigation inside the building, including information points and decoration elements. In our work we tried to extend and develop the aesthetics, created by Stefan’s team, as well as keep the navigation system design clear, functional and effective for all kinds of visitors.

Creative Process

As the opening was already announced and all the work needed to be done quickly, we took an iterative approach. While developing UX design for navigation system this time, we tried 3 different concepts to find the most suitable one for very different audiences: students, teachers, guest speakers, foreigners. We were working on the interior side while the building was being constructed, so we at the first stages we working mostly with sketches, renders and our imagination:)

Final Design

As the final concept was chosen, we focused on designing each single item, such as icons, pointers, door signs, floor numbers, decorative elements and more. In general our team delivered more than 150 design layouts. Designing a navigation system for visitors was quite a challenge for us, since we are mostly focused on UX/UI design and branding, so our team paid additional attention to polishing every single detail and testing all designs in real life before sending them to production.

Getting to know Sheptytsky

Particularly interesting part of work was finding the best way to visualize quotes about Andrey Sheptytsky, as they are aimed to introduce visitors to his outstanding and many-sided personality.
“It is possible to say much about architecture, its philosophy, but a good university is based on an idea, the concepts of teaching, and architecture can help in this matter. And in order to understand how to design such a building, it is necessary to feel where its idea lies, the philosophical vision and mission of the university.”
Stefan Behnisch, main architect

Project summary


2 months


Graphic Designer


Ukraine, Lviv