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Mobile APP UX/UI Design for jobs on demand service

TIM, Israel

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People should appreciate their time and benefit from it. Realizing that, our customers wanted to change people’s mindsets by making “time is money” their new life credo. This became the main difficulty. We tested 15 design concepts and none of them worked. Then 10 more concepts. And none of them hit the goal. However, such great test iterations allowed us to put on users’ shoes, reinvent the general idea and create one PERFECT concept.

All about Timos

Whom will you trust to walk out your dog? Whom will you let into your house? Only those you can rely on. Those you trust. Your relatives, close friends, and Timo.

tim pets design
tim indoor design
tim outdoor design
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They are waiting for your order

Need to buy some groceries after midnight? Or maybe you need help with moving to a new apartment? Easily! Timos are always ready to help and waiting for your call.

So, let’s create the order?

Keep your time...

So, let’s create the order?

Devote your time to things, which are truly important for you.
Timos will take care of everything else.

Ready for development

Developers are going absolutely enjoy working using our guidelines.

tim design kit

The process of creative iteration allowed us to see the soul of the project. The main task was to validate and polish the general idea.

Alexander - UX/UI Designer

Alexander Kontsevich

UX/UI Designer

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Project summary

User research
Mobile App Design
Information Architecture
Usability Testing
Project Manager
UX Designer
UI Designer
2 months