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Mobile App Product Vision, Medical App UX


The Challenge

  • DentConnect founders came to QubStudio team with an interesting goal — to completely rethink dentists work planning by doing healthcare UI/UX for an application, which would be able to put in order all the medical records, schedule, patients database and automate routine functions, such as patients notifications.
  • Usually dentists use Google or Apple Calendars to manage their appointments, but most of them say these general tools don’t quite fit specific dentist needs and tasks. Another option — complete sophisticated medical software— usually is too bulky and time-consuming. Every time the doctor was visited by a patient, he had to do a lot of organizational work before and after the appointment to make sure all the information is up to date.
  • As dentists themselves, DentConnect founders — Myroslav and Nazariy — decided to start a medical app development, which would provide all the necessary information in a quick and easy to use way and could be comfortably used on any device — even a phone. That’s when they started looking for a UI and UX developer who can make complex things simple.


The Solution

  • We decided to create a cross-platform application, so the final users could use DentConnect on their favorite device or even on a few at once: for example, to manage appointments and patients history from the office computer and check tomorrow’s appointments from home on mobile or tablet.
  • Also, since we knew that often there are assistants to help doctors with routine tasks such as scheduling appointments, we created a separate module for them, where they can manage patients list, schedule and edit appointments and so on. The most routine and repetitive task — reminding patients about the upcoming appointment — was automated: patients receive 24-hours notification from DentConnect by email.
  • The main goal was to create fully functional and at the same time easy to use medical app UX design, which can help busy people, which doctors doubtless are, manage and simplify their work life — even if they have only a few free minutes while waiting in a traffic jam or in between the appointments.



The working process



Product visioncloud

Running Lean we started from Lean Canvas, which helped us to define characteristics, key metrics, competitive advantages and a unique value proposition (UVP) of a new product.
Based on key user flows and visual concept, we developed production phase plan.




High-fidelity wireframes


After receiving the initial information and finishing the research, our design team started working on the UX of the future app. As the result we created the wireframes, which provided us with an opportunity to get a first glance at final product’s UI/UX to make sure we are on the same page with our customers.



Medical App UI Design


app ui/ux




Patients list

Clients database, easy to use on any device. Includes all contacts, medical notes, related photos and search menu, so you can get access to any patient’s profile in one click.





Always have a plan of your working day at your fingertips no no matter where you are. DentConnect automatically synchronizes your working schedule on all devices, so you can be sure you can reach your actual appointments list wherever you need it.

mobile app ui/ux


and 200+ UI designs




Our goal was to make DentConnect available on the iOS, Android and web platforms, so we decided to go with the cross-platform app. This method let us reach the targeted result in a fast and cost-effective way, at the same time following the chosen UI/UX in all the versions.








The Results

Myroslav Solonko DentConnect





Myroslav Solonko,
DentConnect co-founder

“The project is rather ambitious and, at the same time, our idea was to make it as simple as possible. We have a lot of dedicated dental software on the market, but only few of them are really user-friendly and not overloaded with additional functions, that are in fact never used. The team of Qubstudio could precisely understand what we need. Sometimes they even knew it better than we did 🙂 For us, dentists, development process was rather new and sometimes complicated. Nevertheless, with a team of dedicated professionals, we have arrived to the functioning iOS application and web-version. And we believe that it is only a beginning of a fruitful cooperation in future.