Social platform mobile app redesign

The Challenge

Klip is a Finland based social platform, which allows users to shoot and share short videos answering questions about themselves in order to find their perfect match. The idea of the app is to engage with real people, and prevent risk of using fake profiles.
Qubstudio team was invited to rethink app’s user experience and help the team push product further by adding new exciting features.

The Solution

Together with Klip team we optimised user flows inside of the application and amplified overall user experience. By focusing on videos, instead of photos or texts, Klip gives their users unique first-date experience available in a blink of an eye. In order to broaden this unique impression, as well as to add new functionality for users, we applied our experienced-based design process along with deep attention to each detail. And it was a perfect match!


Though discovery is only the first step in design process, it’s a really important one, helping design team to understand user needs, as well as client’s goals. We know how exciting it might be to move on to visuals and interactions, but first things first: you need to understand whom are you designing for, what are their needs and expectations.

User personas

For Klip, providing just the right opportunities for both new and existing users makes a big difference.
To keep existing users engaged and motivated, Klip team unrolled new functionality. For example, “Feed” is a place to discover suggested profiles and relevant updates, selected based on smart dynamic logic. Some more exciting features are coming up later this summer!
Perhaps the first thing you expect from a dating app is to meet people you’d like. In order to provide relevant suggestions, team came up with extended user profile. This is also the way for Klip to start transformation to a social media platform, where people can find like-minded friends.

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customer journey map for mobile app

Customer Journey Map

He feedback analysis conducted by Klip team shows us what the goals that lead users to start using the app and what is crucial for him to keep on are. Therefore, the implementation of their ideas went in a smooth and pleasant way.

Klip uses videos instead of photos to build the first date impression. The real communication and relevant matches make the service unique and recognizable.

UX/UI design moodboard

As we were about to introduce some major changes to UX and UI design of the app, we used UX/UI design moodboards to quickly present, brainstorm and iterate ideas.

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To explore possible ways to go and find the best one, our design team created a few layouts. For example, one of Feed alternatives included separate tabs for different content types, such as new klips from your matches, suggested users, match activities and so on. After a few iterations, we decided to go with one content stream with visual differentiation of content.

mobile app prototyping

Design Concept

We worked on several concepts in order to present the main functionality in a comprehensive style. The chosen one resonated with overall application mood — young, colorful and playful.

ui/ux design for mobile app
design mobile application

UI design

Our designers were excited to play with fun colors, shapes and visuals. For example, we created distinct style for each functional group such as feed, messenger, etc. Updated app now has trendy and social-oriented look & feel with soft gradients and bubble elements.

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ui/ux design for mobile app


User’s impression of interaction with digital products is built of many components: interface, messaging, technical excellence, logo and identity. For Klip it was about time to introduce new logo. The idea was not to overdo with romantic side of Klip, but to emphasize its social and fun benefits. We were also aimed to accent unique klip features and value it brings for users. The new klip logo is something you can easily draw on the piece of paper with a single move, yet it's easy to memorize and applies to our associative thinking.

redesign logo



2 months


Project Manager
Lead Designer
UX/UI Designer
Graphic Designer



The Best Of 2018

Recently new Klip App design was recognized by Ukrainian Design Awards as The Best Of 2018

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