Website redesign for a training center

The challenge

Al Salama is a UAE company, providing fire safety trainings and certification services. Being a young and ambitious team, Al Salama strives to become the UAE’s leading fire safety training company, and our goal was to help company reach it’s aim by creating brand new website — modern, visually appealing and with much improved user experience.

Working process

Phase 1: Looking for a perfect idea


Mood board of relevant styles








idea 1. Yellow frames, similar to corporate identity elements











Idea 2. Powerful messages









Idea 3. Monochrome effects

Phase 2. Design concepts


idea 1. Surrealism


At first we decided to go with two completely different ideas: creative and classic. The first idea — creative one — we called “Surrealism”. First things first: in order to involve the user into communication, we need to catch his attention, and studies say usually you have just about 15 seconds for this. So we decided to go with impressive catchy images — almost surrealistic ones.

design concept by qubstudio


idea 2. Simplicity


Since the main goal of Al Salama website visitors is to get fire safety certification, we decided to build website architecture around this user flow, making the process as simple and clear for user, as possible, taking away all interfering information and frustration. Just 4 simple steps — and your problem is solved.


Phase 3: Final UI design


the final interface design the best features of the few concepts, including bold visual figures, but keeping elements and interactions simple and clear. Graphic elements and colors follow the existing corporate identity, while impressive photographs help to emphasise company role and benefits.




Brand new user experience

Good UX design always helps user to achieve his goal making as few steps and choices as possible. That’s we completely rethought contact form to make sure it is simple and intuitive.

form redesign by qubstudio

Phase 4. Implementation

front-end development by qubstudio