Creativity is our passion, but it doesn't come first as we create roadmap for our projects. Creativity without strategy is art, so let's leave it to artists. We create products that work for your business, satisfy your users' needs and look beautiful — just like that.

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It's all about your business

Be ready to go with us through everything — your market, products and services, value proposition, competition. Here we develop common knowledge of your business within the team, which later will be translated into design solutions. Also, at this stage, we set project requirements.


At this stage, we run a series of workshops to understand your business and customers. Also, here together with you we define specific project requirements and develop project plan.

What we do

We develop and write down common project goal, requirements and acceptance criteria to make sure all decisions are made in line with this pointers. Also, it allows to easily onboard new project members — stakeholders, external development team, SEO agency, etc.


  • Business and users goals
  • Product functionality, user flows and user stories
  • Business documentation for further project design and development
design discovery

User experience services

It's all about people

Based on what we discovered on the previous stage, we are aiming to meet your users' needs and expectations with design solutions.


One of the aspects of good UX design is ability to meet user needs. We use our understanding of user personas, their goals and customer journey maps to suggest intuitive and effective ways to meet them with product design.

What we do

We develop and write down common project goal, requirements and acceptance criteria to make sure all decisions are made in line with this pointers. Also, it allows to easily onboard new project members — stakeholders, external development team, SEO agency, etc.


  • Layout and design principles, UX interactions
  • Interactive Prototype
  • Design solutions documentation
user experience

Brand Identity

It's all about your individuality

Unique and relevant branding makes all the difference between legendary businesses and the ones no one cares about. It's a long way, but doing things right from the very beginning is a good start.


Once again we use what we discovered about your business and value proposition to create and polish your unique brand image.

What we do

Via a series of workshops, team brainstorm sessions and couple of conceptualization rounds, we shape your logo, corporate identity, and bold visuals to help you introduce new branding to clients and partners.


  • Logo
  • Corporate Identity
  • Styleguide
  • Application examples
brand identity

User Interface Design

Design look & feel

Now is the time for all small pieces to come together, creating unique, engaging and intuitive look & feel. Design might be a matter of taste, but our research and experience-based are devised to exclude judgment calls.


UX prototype gives us understanding of interactions, branding — visuals, fonts and emotional part, and now it's the time for our designers to put them together in interface design.

What we do

We start with design concept — creative part, where we try different visual directions and offer you a couple of versions to chose. After that, we move on to the most exciting part — carefully and creative crafting each screen and interaction. To summarize our work and give you framework to grow your product in the future with any design team, we also provide design language documentation.


  • UI design of all screens
  • Design language for further scaling of the product, UI kit
  • Design principles adaptation for different platforms and devices
User Interface Design

Functional Prototype

How you interact

The main thing about interface isn't how it looks — it's how you interact with it. Our developers bring together attention to detail and passion for advanced technologies to deliver smooth, clean and beautiful inside out digital products.


Our engineers take interactive prototype and breath life into it, with attention to every detail, to make sure your users get exactly what we've been working on for so long.

What we do

We use our technical knowledge and experience to implement all the ideas in simple and clean HTML/CSS/JavaScript templates. Our component approach gives you opportunity to easily grow your product further, by reusing components and building new ones within one framework.


  • Full design prototype (Invision)
  • Design files (Sketch, Avocode/Zeplin)
  • Design language docs
Functional Prototype

Benefits of professional UX/UI design process

Limit you risks

We know what's like to be a startup. We know that being an establsihed business means very high cost of mistakes. That's we perform research, dig deeper to unveal real user goals and then iterate to make sure we are shipping the best version possible.

Reduce cost and time to market

We've tested and polished our work process for years, so that you can get optimzed timeline, added value at each stage, effective collaboration within the designers-stakeholders-developers triangle, and possiblity enter the market fast.

Get ready for development the right way

We want to make sure that our products go live and make people happy, satisfied and productive. That's why we collaborate with developers to make sure all business and user needs are met — in a right way.

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Our software engineers work hand-in-hand with designers to develop cutting-edge experiences. Working as one team, we ensure that the products we deliver to our clients are perfect from experience, design and technology perspectives.

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