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How To Choose A Brand Persona For Your Fintech Startup?

How do you make your brand stand out and yet remain relevant to Fintech market?

  • By Qubstudio
  • April 5, 2019

Business Analysis and UX/UI Design Collaboration

Find out how business analyst and UX designer together can drive better solutions for your product.

Olena Subchuk
  • By Olena Subchuk
  • March 29, 2019

All You Need to Know About UX Design as a Startup Founder

UX Design explained for startup founders, UX design terms translated into Business language

  • By Qubstudio
  • March 21, 2019

Why Startups Should Invest in Mobile UI/UX in 2019?

Launching a new mobile app? Here's all you need to know to project its right value and design.

  • By Qubstudio
  • March 1, 2019

Qubstudio’s 2018 in the Things We Will Always Remember

Have you reviewed your 2018 yet? Here are Qubstudio’s reflections on the past twelve months of achievements, with immense gratitude and appreciation to everyone who made it possible.

  • By Qubstudio
  • January 3, 2019

Qubstudio Announced as Global Leader in UI/UX Services

Three years ago we got our first Clutch review, and there was nothing special about it. Our third announcement as a Top UX/UI agency proves - Design That Works is the right road to a mutual prosperity.

  • By Qubstudio
  • December 7, 2018

How To Do Usability Testing For Mobile Application

In many cases, with brilliant functionality, comes poor usability. Let’s find out more about usability testing for mobile applications.

  • By Qubstudio
  • November 27, 2018

How To Create User Experience Strategy

User experience is essential for creating products that meet customer expectations. As your business evolves, you either stay consistent or pivot to change your direction.

  • By Qubstudio
  • November 12, 2018

How to design ICO website

ICO is quite a buzzword these days. But is it really a silver bullet and how do you actually organize and design good ICO website?

Nathalie Torbych
  • By Nathalie Torbych
  • May 22, 2018

Our new top UX agency award!

The second year in a row QubStudio was recognized as a top UX agency by, Washington based research and consulting company.

Alina Yurenko
  • By Alina Yurenko
  • January 12, 2018