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Branding & Corporate Identity for a conference

Lviv IT arena – one of the biggest annual tech conferences in Eastern Europe.

In 2015 it brought together more than 1200 IT lovers, such developers, product managers and CEOs and over 100 speakers from companies like Facebook, HP, FitBit, Microsoft and IBM.

For the second time it took place in October 2015 at the modern stadium “Arena Lviv”.


As a reliable partner of Lviv IT Cluster, Qubstudio was invited to work on the new branding of Lviv IT Arena.

Our goal was to create a brand new logo and corporate identity – distinct, unique and modern.

Another big scope of work was dedicated to user experience – for both online and offline interactions, such as website, promo activities, navigation, venue and so on.
















Rethinking logo




old logo



At Lviv IT Arena, we know what you are looking for from a great conference. Two streams on Innovations and Actual Issues will satisfy your thirst in tech-related topics. Meanwhile, the Business and Product development streams will give you some new insights into the IT market in the Eastern Europe and beyond.

The conference is a place to meet all kinds of people – CEOs, developers, designers, project managers, business analysts, entrepreneurs etc. With fun after parties, the conference promises to create just the right atmosphere for informal networking.



















Branding in real life