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Lorenzo Rossi
Logo & Corporate Identity

Lorenzo Rossi Website

Lorenzo Rossi is a fast-growing Italian fashion brand, specializing in creating couture bridal dresses. At the moment their concept are represented in 7 European countries, and few more are currently in progress.
Our goal was to create main online presence point for this brand, using the style and guidelines we created at the first stage, and providing all the necessary information.


The main page is kept minimal and stylish, welcoming user with a special fashion spirit and providing an easy access to all website features.

website design

Collection Page

High-quality preview of full collection designed in line with brand identity

Product Page

This page provides full information needed to pick the best dress, such as color options, description, collection and more.

ecommerce design


Many users tend to research, pick and even buy things using their mobile phones, so we made sure this website will be fully functional and user-friendly on any device.

Technologies used

technologies in web design