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Web app design for online print service

We are extremely glad to present Minibook, a new web service allowing you to create and order custom photobooks made of your favourite Facebook or Instagram photos. Follow the link below and see how easy it is to create a perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself.

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Simple user flow

Great graphic design is only a part of what makes a great web service. Equaly important is intuitive, user-friendly interface allowing users to seamlessly follow steps towards the goal.

Minibook is an example of web service combining modern design and simple functionality.

Smooth book animation

While designing Minibook we tried to recreate the effect of flipping book pages.

And we did it:)

Different kinds, different styles

Minibook allows you to choose among hundreds of different combination of materials, covers, types of paper, colors, and sizes. You can even design a personalized cover!

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We have everything you might need for photo editing: stunning effects and frames, original stickers,
brightness adjustments, contrast, saturation and sharpness, the “red eye” effect removal tool, you name it.