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Product Vision & Branding



Companies representatives need to spend a lot of time looking for appropriate candidates for part-time job or some events.

Often Customers need private services for different purposes and don’t have enough network to nd right candidate at the right time.

Besides, there has to someone to guarantee quality and reliability of provided services.


Existing market of people that are looking for a part-time job on regular and flexible basis.

Professionals in different fields would like to increase a number of clients and manage communication with them in an easy and comfortable way.



We have made a comprehensive analysis of competitor products that maps out their existing features in a comparable way. It helps us under- stand industry standards and identify opportunities to innovate in a given area.

A Platform that combines people which are looking for a part-time job and could manage their schedule, and businesses (customers) which would like to nd a lot of appropriate candidates in different fields for different goals at one place.




Branding elements


Main idea: W + Chek Mark

This logo is very distinct, catchy and easy to recognize.

It’s also strongly associated with the service name, which works great for brand awareness and increasing the number of visitors to the website.


app icon design

app icon logo

typography for brand


Geometria stands out in the crowd of similar fonts thanks to its complicated nature. It combines dynamic elements with a certain degree of stability. A slightly higher waistline of the capitals contributes to their distinctive appearance.
This is a typeface of clean shapes that is well-suited for continuous reading, and it sets remarkably well. At the same time, it can be friendly, even flirtatious. Its distinct personality combines seeming opposites.


Icons set