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Milla Nova Branding

Milla Nova is a well-recognized wedding fashion brand, represented in more than 30 countries all over the world. As the brand evolved and expanded to new markets, the team decided to give it a new appearance. So they reached our team to design a complex solution — brand new corporate identity and website.

We did our best to recapture unique brand image and appearance, described by fashion critics as “feminine, incredibly dreamy and romantic”. Keep reading to enjoy the results and creative process story.

Creative process

At first we played around with different shapes and styles. We kept in mind distinct features of the brand, but also wanted to make sure to explore all options and variations in order to find just the right image.

Design Concepts

After exloring different options at the research stage, we chose a few to develop further. Though they are quite different, there are some common features you can folow: elegance, distinctiveness and fashion spirit.


Final version

The final version is stylish and elegant, sharp and rich at the same time — just the right combination for a high-end fashion brand.


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